3 Days After Installing Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, Sunday April 21, 2019, 5:38pm

Webalizer Stats for April 21, 2019, 5:55pm

Saturday, April 20th, 2019, 9:09pm
I did not expect to have to produce this information, however it is clear my "handler, System Manager" is out of his or her mind: From Wikipedia...
Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or standard.[1] Truth is also sometimes defined in modern contexts as an idea of "truth to self", or authenticity.

Truth is usually held to be opposite to falsehood, which, correspondingly, can also suggest a logical, factual, or ethical meaning. The concept of truth is discussed and debated in several contexts, including philosophy, art, theology, and science. Most human activities depend upon the concept, where its nature as a concept is assumed rather than being a subject of discussion; these include most of the sciences, law, journalism, and everyday life. Some philosophers view the concept of truth as basic, and unable to be explained in any terms that are more easily understood than the concept of truth itself. To some, truth is viewed as the correspondence of language or thought to an independent reality, in what is sometimes called the correspondence theory of truth.

Various theories and views of truth continue to be debated among scholars, philosophers, and theologians.[2] Language is a means by which humans convey information to one another. The method used to determine whether something is a truth is termed a criterion of truth. There are varying stances on such questions as what constitutes truth: what things are truthbearers capable of being true or false; how to define, identify, and distinguish truth; what roles do faith and empirical knowledge play; and whether truth can be subjective or is objective: relative truth versus absolute truth.

Thursday March 28th, 2019 4:31pm
The conversation is evolving, changing and still threating.
Webalizer Stats for March, pretty obvious whose concerned about surveillance of me, and I have been out of Broward County since the end of August 2018.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 12:06pm
Most of what happened to me in 2011 continues to materialize from memory and connecting dots on social media. These are the commonalities: Broward Drug Task Force, Det. Kevin Loughran, SFICAC, my arrest in 2014 based on false charges as is obvious when you read Det. Smith's statement to the Boca Police on October 1st, 2014 and lastly Department of Children and Families. Jason Hunt's address reveals the owner the house in which he claimed to live belongs to Robert Heckathorne: DCF. With Michael Rohrs Messenger conversation with me, William J. Sallico Jr. is also DCF, and I remember his face 100%. The only people who can take responsibility or hide the truth are all of the above and I would not rule the possibility of the FBI, from Jacksonville to Miami and Tampa.

The only other person who seemed to be available all the time and produce meth out nowhere when he clearly had no money was Brooks Montgomery. Brooks Montgomery is the person who involved himself with my ex, Mr. Cooney, when were were not communicating in the Winter of 2011. Brooks lived at 2849 E 26th Ave, the exact same place I was invited to a big drug party and the owner Bill was arrested moths later and spent 6 years in prison for his involvement with meth. At the time, I lived at 1401 NE 17th Terrace, with Antonio Brito who has since then suffered from schizophrenia ever since and lost his job and ended up on Disability,  in an apt building owned by Dr. Richard Emmart. He hears voices that tell him to commit suicide. I know exactly why.

You will never sedate me again, not even by some trick in Osceola County.

Monday, March 18th, 2019 11:40am
Webalizer Stats for March 2019

Saturday, March 16th, 2019 10:35am
I sent an email to the mayor about Pink Sub, located as listed on PinkSub.com at 1109 NE 34 Court Oakland Park, FL. You can see very clearly below who owns that property, The Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale. Here is the email:

Why would the Mayor lie about a building he clearly owns and would be very much aware of a business supposedly opened in January 2019. I spoke to one of my closest friends and he said it is NOT OPEN.

For the record, Christopher Wirth contacted me to Friend me on Facebook.

Thursday, March 7th, 2019 11:38pm
I noticed several things when I checked my email this morning. Someone tried to access my Gmail account from Canada. Additionally, by comparing lists of Friends associated with each other four or five very significant people have common links to many of my friends. One of these people with several felony drug charges knew Patrick Cowart and was in his apartment. He claimed Patrick had a roommate. I know know that person's face 100% facial recognition. The one thing they all have in common is Crystal Meth.

I just got off the phone with Out Of The Closet, looking for Lucas' number and address. He moved my room mates dresser into our apartment at 120 NW 40th Ave. When he saw me he did one of those head to hand to toes eye gestures that only detectives do. I recognized his face instantly, however I could not remember the time or place, but I recognize him 100%. As they were inside I stepped out to examine his truck, a blue Chevy I believe. It was obvious the way he had his shoes displayed in the bed and his belongings were secured like someone from military might be in the habit of doing. He left a business card with his contact information. I went to the address printed on the business card, only to find that that address did not exist. I called him and told him so, he gave some lame excuse about moving to Poinsettia Heights. He called me two more times over a month or two to see if I would be willing to assist him move some things. I declined both times. He was very obviously shady, like owners of pinksub.com. I was surprised to see Dean Trantalis buried in the run around on sunbiz.org and the tax appraisers web site, none of which mention Christopher Wirth anywhere.

I saw Crystal Water, AKA Moutnain Mama on my Facebook page, so I messaged her to ask if she knew Jeremy Hobbson. I haven't received a reply.

Today was a huge learning experience. You can stupid all you want, I see very clearly who gets away with violating Florida Statues TWICE in less than ten years. The states you can only have one drug charge expunged in your lifetime.

If you look at the advertising for Pink Sub the Chef/Owner is Dawn Holloway...not mentioned anywhere on Sunbiz.org

I say

This also happened on the same day. Once again I've had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall my apps. So many system files have their permissions changed, and it's nearly impossible to find them all, so I just start from scratch.

If this happens one more time I'm going to contact The Osceola County Sheriff's Office to see if the will use forensic analysis to find the source of this computer hacking.

Thursday February, 28th , 2019 11:27am
As my memory becomes clearer and clearer. It has been easier to identify the three people in charge of the surveillance being used to stress out...their stated intent is to promote a suicide. Most people cave after a few months, I’ve managed to thwart their harassment my managing the symptoms they exacerbate with this very illegal form of communication. All of this is from first hand eye witness account including the surveillance and the equipment they use to produce evidence for an investigation. I can describe with meticulous detail all of the equipment involved with producing this surveillance and production of it.

The harassment is designed to promote the symptoms of severe sleep deprivation. If you read about Randy Garner and his Psychiatric Medical observer, Lt. Cmdr. John J. Ross, you will find that symptoms that Randy experience are almost identical to severe PTSD.

In 2007, there were two people involved. It was obvious to me, one of the people was a member of the Broward County Drug Task Force. It became clear after watching everybody I was involved with was arrested for meth possession charges. I’m fairly certain Kevin Loughran is one of those people on the task force, which the police who are involved most likely worked at ICAC, It is obvious from my false charges by Steven Smith. Part of this is a legacy military medical supervision. I know this for sure because of the person I refer to as Grandpa in my State’s Discovery, represented himself as a Special Agent from Miami FBI. Now I refer to him as either Paul Martin or Smokey Coke bottle glasses. He’s apparently near sighted and may be around 67 y.o..

In case you don't know. ICAC stands for Internet Crimes Against Children. They would have on staff and FBI, who probably has background in Military Surveillance. They would also have State Police and local law enforcement. Broward County is one of 5 counties in Florida that does child welfare cases handled by the state. They do it themselves. So, if you want to gang stalk some one for petty bigotry or racism this would be the perfect place to collect surveillance and keep it hidden from law enforcement agencies. They would not have access even if you filed a complaint.

Loughran Baker Acted me in 2013 for speaking out about this surveillance. You can read the page on my web site he used base his action to Baker Act me. Nowhere in that document does it use the word suicide. Additionally, I talk about making plans to move in the near future. People who are contemplating suicide do not make plans the future. At the time, there was a zero tolerance for drugs, as my then boyfriend, arrested for meth possession by BSO, was still on probation. Why would someone on the BCDT involve themselves with a routine Baker Act which was predicated on a lie, as all of them were, including Jeffery Jenkins Baker Act in 2014. He was the other person who visited my apartment 3 years prior with “Grandpa.” I will be writing the FLPD for and incident report of Jenkin’s Baker Act on June 26th, 2014.

At some point a collection started or was continued in Orlando, because of an explosive PTSD episode. I say continued, because of my Fathers FBI investigation in Gainesville from 1996. I was given a helicopter escort to guide back to the highway on Easter Sunday 2010 from the parliament House. It’s mostly a black out. The surveillance person in Orlando has major problem with the mass murder at Pulse Nightclub. This person holds an intense hatred for gay people, especially me. He is the person most likely responsible for keeping me sedated for 17 business days, during which I awoke several times to see the people, sticking me in the leg with some very powerful sedative, people dragging to what they refer to as the “hospital’. I believe it’s the empty Jail house due west of the FLPD.

Because I have seen so many law enforcement officers involved with my sedation, I was nearly murdered at Inn Leather. I did not notice until I reviewed with headphone what was being said. They were intentionally speaking softly, taking advantage of my deafness. At one point, upon being sedated I  saw a bright yell body bag. Of course my laptop was hacked and I lost that evidence.

Lately I’m hearing about the attempted murder and the other not so obvious attempted murder by Miguel Annibel Kelly. The last person I ever though would try to sedate me was Bill Kelly, but I woke and Ubered myself home. His intent  was to wait until I was asleep and leave with the door open at noon.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2019 11:35
This website is not producing any results. The morons who created this situation are clearly not willing to turn over the necessary information to be produced that would end all of this nonsense. I'm tired of the lies and threats of some piece of mail to get me to go to the police department and overall bullshit just to protect some stupid crackhead, probably M. Rohrs, who was in my apartment 9.5years ago and knows Patrick Cowart and Bill Kelly. I know who my processor is and he is in the evidence he refuses to turn over because he's a white trash punk. If he's a subcontractor get rid of him...24/7 grief machine. Who ever is using OVH.com for their VPN is one problem. Macintosh, is a major problem...GET RID OF THIS GARBAGE.

Monday January 28th, 2019, 5:30am
What is the deal with Tampa?

Based on the dreams from last night, all Gaineville and "outside", it seems to me Tampa is "technical", Jacksonville is 7am to 4:30pm and in between is South Florida. Either way this little three way NEEDS TO END. Get me off of this damn equipment.

I have another surgery using GENERAL ANESTHESIA in February.. So, pull your shit together and get me off of this damn thing. I'm writing a book regardless. Handle your circumstances.

"Tooth and Nail Surveillance" is brutal. I haven't been able to walk in a month. It's just recently, as soon as I bought a cane, started to alleviate.

How can you work with a transgender or transsexual and be so hateful to a gay guy? I'm as straight laced as can be. Most of the time if I tell someone I'm gay they don't believe me.

Monday, January 21st, 2019, 11:00am
I'm getting blasted right now.
Webalizer Stats as of today.
Webalizer Stats from November 2018

The FBI should personally remove their content and oversee their complete removal and synchronize the
collection of data that was initiated when I had and episode of PTSD on Easter weekend 2010 at the Parliament House when a helicopter was used to guide me back to Gainesville because I was so confused. This all started with the FUSION center "collection" of my history. They control it and it is causing me the greatest harm.

My friend, Steve Butera just told me this morning he moved back to Lake Worth. He has a major drug problem. This is what happens to all of my friends and family. Steve and I dated before 2000 right around the time the ICAC got a grant from the DOJ. It was administered by BSO and Paul O'Connell was the supervisor. This is not rocket science. Please stop them.

Steve Butera and Denis Acosta

Denis arrested again

Motion to Supress Granted

This bullshit destroys people's lives and they target gay males with HIV who use meth.

Current Webalizer Stats...you be the judge of who's interested in this web site.

This is the Reason for why I no longer live in Broward County.

January 17th, 2011 No Approximate time.
This wound was the result of 3 and half weeks of being sedated into oblivion. I don't know how I survived, but this is how it ended. I was lying on the floor in a fetal position with gobs of blood around me. I cleaned up the blood but was so exhausted all I could do is use my feet to mop up the blood with a ripped towel. I used paper towels as a gauze and another towel tightened around my head to stop the bleeding. But as soon as I hit the bed I went right back to sleep. On January 22nd I went to Imperial Point Medical Center. I told them I fell but they did not believe me. I held my story and decided to investigate on my own which plunged me into the drug culture of Gay Ft. Lauderdale and police involvement with this nasty routine. Only recently did I come to realize I was among more than 50 other people who went through similar circumstances. I was sexually assaulted several times during the three and half weeks.
I was also taken to what seemed to be the police department. I was carried there under heavy sedation. The small room was dark inside but it looked like a cell, metal bed and metal desk right next to the door.

I have been told I received a letter in the mail regarding this incident, however, during these long weeks of sedation, it was removed after delivery. Apparently, I was supposed to respond but never did, because I never knew about it until recently.

Three years later, because I began to investigate what happened...Brick wall of silence by Law Enforcement. All I have ever seen is the worst of the worst covering for each other to the extent of murder.

Jason Richard Hunt was my friend and they (Detectives) tried to get us together just before he vanished into thin air. He was also one of the first people I met and had sex with using drugs (meth). Just before he died, I received several texts from him. He wanted sex, and I told him I would meet him in public first. I also told him he cannot be using. I regret not meeting him prior to moving to Kissimmee. I could have saved his life.

During my search for information, out of the blue, this person, Shirley Fowler contact me on Facebook Messenger...this is her initial conversation. I have no clue who this woman is. She found me. How in God's name did she know I was searching for information??

After what happened at 110 SW 20th Ave Apt A. I used drugs mainly to investigate what happened to me. I dove into a very dark world and found out how deeply involved local police are with protecting large scale buyers of meth who are 60 and older.

I loathe meth and I hate what the police are doing to the gay community IN WILTON MANORS, where Kevin Loughran has his dirty grubby hands on the whole operation, backed by the SF ICAC...at least that's what I found out.

The following are the results of my personal quest to uncover the truth. NEVER TRUST THE FLPD. THEY ARE THE WORST and contribute to a nationally recognized epidemic of HIV infection due to the risky behaviors that result from using that drug. This is not libel, I'm a first hand eye-witness.

Oct. 2nd, 2014 Charged

October 1st, 2014 Statement to Boca Police Department

Jury Decision on Count II

Jury Decision on Count 1

The only document that never made it into the State's Exhibit against me on Oct. 2nd, 2014

This charge, Writing a Threat To Kill was admitted for dismissal

Motion to Dismiss Writing a Threat to Kill Granted

My letter from Broward Main Jail to Nicole Martell Assistant State Attorney, after Motion to Dismiss was granted.

Keep in mind that all of this time passed without any knowledge of Steven Smith's Statement to the Boca Police Department on October 1st. If I had a copy of the State's Discovery Exhibit you would find that a police officer was sitting outside my back door at the very same time Steven Smith made his Statement

Samsung TV was not listed on the inventory of items seized in the State's Discovery Exhibit. It was fairly new. I'm sure someone stole it.

After shot, TV is missing. What is the little TV monitor across from the refrigerator?

And they still won't leave me alone (Technically)

Jason's Arrest in March 2018 Pg 1

Jason's Arrest in March 2018 Pg 2

Wilton Manors Dispatch

Jason's Toxicology

By the way, this concentration is not nearly enough to cause an overdose. The fentanyl concentration is only half the strength of the strongest trans-dermal patch available. Additionally, 1.5mg of meth isn't worst wasting time on it wouldn't get someone like Jason high. It would be hardly noticed by a novice. He would have needed .25gms. I knew him personally. This is a murder cover up.

Cause of Death Report

Basically, I didn't want to die from the same people.

It was also around the same time, while uploading to my One Drive and Google Drive my room mate had a man over, the premise was sexual. I asked him before I left if he was going to be using drugs. He said no, and then I asked the visitor a few questions, "where are you from" he said him and his partner lived in Lake Worth. As I was leaving I checked out his car, beat up old Pontiac white Sunbird. I went back inside. While they were smoking I went into his bag and scanned in his DL. I disposed of his wallet in a garbage can across the street. All of this happened while I was getting mysterious text messages like the one I received before I found Jason had died. I proceeded to spend the night with my boyfriend John in Wilton Manors, dangerous territory. After sunrise and breakfast, I went to check on my room mate. Passing by the trash bin I threw his wallet into I checked to see if it was there. It had been retrieved. I cautiously entered the front door and there he was the same guy curled up on the couch wearing a leather jock strap and a leather hat, which I found rude and appalling. I proceeded to enter Paul's room, he was clearly knocked out and I immediately notice a full insulin needle propped up on the other bedside table from Paul. I became enraged and walked outside and sat on the chair where we smoked cigarettes. I connected to one of the people, most likely a drug detective, who was texting me the night before. I told him he had 15 minutes to get that person out of my apartment and take his drugs with him or I would burn them outside and call BSO. 14minutes and 58 seconds later he came walking out the door. Paul was awake at that point, but he was delirious. He had no recollection of what happened. He had been sedated.

Here is his Driver's License

I looked him up on Facebook. The only thing that came up was Broward General Hospital

During my research of the activities of the police most likely involved with what happened over the course of the three and half weeks in Oct 2010 to January 17th, 2011, I found an interesting pattern. After August 2011, there were several arrests made by BSO and FLPD of my "Friends and Family". Sometimes, their focus was on the boyfriend or girlfriend of the people closest to me in my life. For example, Benjamin Levine. Benjamin was the partner of my good friend Joseph B. Adcock. They were a couple in Austin TX. I went to visit them in January, 2012. While there for two weeks, I came home one night to an empty apartment. I sat at my laptop and had a glass of wine. It was small round high table for two. I remember standing up and feeling someone behind me. I blacked out. Upon awakening, the wins bottle was over on the kitchen counter, wine was splattered all over the wall and doused my laptop. It was only a month old, a perfectly great laptop, Samsung. After that interaction it was a brick. I woke up on the couch with my feet close together, all of my clothes on and no wine on my clothing. This was intentional, premeditated and cost me $1100.00.

He was arrested by the same person who showed up first at Jason's Death, J. Garcia. I sent and received several emails to Gary Blocker while researching Jason's Death. He declared that J Garcia did indeed work for the WMPD, however, upon searching the Find an Officer database, this was all I could find.

People arrested by BSO or FLPD during that time: my brother, his girlfriend, my ex Thomas, Miguel Martinez (believed to be dead) and of course Jason Hunt. There are many more, it's hard to explain since never stopped until I left Broward for Kissimmee. He was arrested more than once. So was Michael Rohrs, who for some reason, according to public record was able to have his drug arrests expunged more than once. FL Statutes and Federal ones too only permit this ONE TIME.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is surveillance of these activities inside my apartment, the physical and sexual assaults. After ten years, I'm beginning to believe that the State of Florida uses Federal prisons to park people after they harass them into criminal activity to make explaining their surveillance a no brainer. They may be in for life. Although, I've been told they can only keep this position for three years, they just keep it because I am gay and it implicates Special Agents and local Law Enforcement: Broward County Drug Task Force, the SF ICAC and perhaps the Miami Fusion Center. This is obstruction of justice and a hate crime. After spending 18 months at the Broward Main Jail, I'm suspect this is one way drugs enter prisons and jails.

Prior to the holidays in 2018 and in the midst of constantly wiping my hard drive to keep it clean, there apps installed I had never heard of, files deleted, dates changed etc., I received this letter from Medicaid. I called the number and the man on the phone said he was a Investigative Detective. I told him that I received a letter with this number on it. I now use it as my password. What the hell?

Thanksgiving Holiday 7:45pm
I recently had to take down my old web site which had a bible's worth of information about the tactics used by law enforcement in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. They have either a virtual modem or computer attached to my external IP address. They incessantly delete my files, however, I'm very careful about observing my CPU cycles compared to the current running root applications or processes.

They have overtly declared to place on either my laptop or website steganographic images which may or may not contain child pornography. I am doing my very best to eliminate this threat. This is why I am using TIFF's. Although it is possible to use a layered PDF, I will be converting any images to TIFF's except for that which is public information.

Thanksgiving WiFi SSDI's. At this apartment, there are only 4 units...no visitors and two neighbors are out of town. Our Original WiFi Sticker from Spectrum Internet.

About a month ago, I went to the Hart Memorial Library to escape the hacking from my personal modem. When I sat down and scanned for the librarie's wireless, I found this, my original Network SSID from Spectrum which is Mike-John2.4G. Clearly, there is some virtual modem attached to our router at home. The Library is not in range of any signal from our apartment, nor is it the correct SSID in the Library. This is our configuration inside our apartment.

Thanksgiving Holiday 10:20am
Over the last three weeks this 10 year long review has revealed the details I could not remember because I was kept sedated in my apartment for three and a half weeks. During this time I was abducted from my apartment, both times involved the local police. I witnessed them standing outside while I was carried into the parking lot. Because of the overlapping surveillance of everyone listening to me and each other at different locations the last three weekends have been particularly brutal. This past weekend I was told a guy nicknamed Tiny Tim, because he was big and harry was going to shoot me with a bullet outside my apartment here in Kissimmee.

In 2007, at Roger Patrick Cowart’s apartment, I walked in to find him passed out on his desk. I now know he was sedated prior to my arrival. The people in his living room were smoking crystal meth and having a good time. One of them slipped their hand down the back of my pants and stuck his finger on my anus. It burned like hell. Withing 10 -15 minutes I was walked into Patrick’s room, de-clothed and laid on the bed. I remember swirling and profuse sweating. Two people, one Michael Wallace and another stood over me holding me down with their feet. I heard someone say “this is gonna burn like hell, I was unable to move.” Then I felt unimaginable pain. Just before I passed out I saw Patrick walk into and out of the room. He knew these people.

About a week later I saw Michael Wallace entering the Oakland park Publix and asked him for his number. My intent was to get them back together and beat the living shit out of them using ether, starter fluid, from and auto parts store. Clearly they were aware of my plan and I was never able to relocate these people.

I have since been told that he, Michael Wallace, changed his name. Apparently he was either a drug detective or some special agent. He is now 240 pounds, about 6’2” with blue eyes. He shows up on the weekends and very briefly at times during the week. He is the nastiest, most repulsive and hate filled, evil piece of shit I have ever crossed paths with.

In 2011, During the three and a half weeks of sedation I woke up twice feeling the need to go to the bathroom. Once in the shower, a ball came out of my ass and went down the drain. That drain was perpetually clogged ever since. Another time one fell into the toilet. I was shocked. I remember picking it up out of the toilet in complete disbelief. But it was real. I was so groggy I dropped it and by habit flushed it down the toilet. Every time I woke up I remember being so groggy and sleepy I crawled back into bed. I also woke up and watched people enter through Patrick’s apartment and stick a needle in my leg. It knocked me out quickly. I suspect a guy named mike who went by Hung9Blonde@aol.com, or something close, was involved. My memory of this time is becoming more and more clear.

Apparently, several people entered my apartment and raped me. They also used my debit card and stole more than 600 dollars, most likely to buy drugs from Patrick. Today I heard it was closer to 1200 dollars.

The last time I woke up on Jan 18th, I was in a fetal position naked on the floor with a major head wound. I did the best I could to clean up the blood and bandage my head. But I could not stay awake. It took two days to ware off, before I could go to the hospital for a CT scan. I told them I feel, but they did not believe me. I have since been told it was a police baton.

This happened again at least two or three times while I lived at 612 NE 15th St., however, this was a different Mike Same height, more slender and blue eyes. I last saw him in 2018 at Clubhouse II, where Miguel Gonzalez tried to sedate me by the same method most had used before. Lube tainted with a sedative...toxic sludge they call it. He was also at Inn Leather, where I am certain if I had not escaped when I noticed the sedation hitting me I would been found floating upside down, drowned in the pool.

They did not intend for me to survive.

The people who did all of this are the same people involved with Jason Richard Hunt’s murder. He did not commit suicide. I’ve it said he was sedated and moved to that RV at 625 NW 25th St in Wilton Manors.

Friday, November 23rd, 2018 10:30am
Used aircrack-ng to scan for hidden SSID's

Saturday, November 24th, 2018 4:25pm
Today, I contacted the City of Kissimmee Police and asked if I could have my laptop dropped off for a forensic analysis to ensure there are no steganographic files or child pornography. I received a reply not long after. I was directed to contact the department on Monday and ask to speak to a detective, but he didn't think they did forensic analysis at the City of Kissimmee Police Department. It's all my Gmail, which is an open book.

These are the emails I traded with the City of Kissimmee. My intention was to drop off my computer to make sure it was clean, but they do not forensic analysis. I do not feel comfortable going to Osceola County Sheriff's office to have it analyzed. After my experience with BSO, I don't think they would take me seriously, and if they did, I doubt I would get my computer back. I'm on a fixed income and cannot afford to replace my computer every-time this happens. I'm on my third laptop since being released from Broward Main Jail.

Before I moved to Kissimmee, these were the broadcast signals about 30 feet from my bedroom window. It was there for over 6 months.

Later this afternoon, I found these two images. I did not create them. They were taken from an old version of my website.. I only have single images. Someone created one image of four separate images. I found them on my backup drive, but they are not on my computer.

The first image is of one of my favorite master painter, Kasimir Malevich. It's called White on White. I sent it to my friend in an SMS message. The rest are from Lucky's Market in Oakland Park. I quit using facial unlock on my phone because of this.

This it titled August 5th, 2018. I was in Kissimmee on August 31st. It makes no sense to me, but the photos are very grainy.

I don't know how these files were placed on my external drive. It's my backup drive and I do not have them on my laptop. Additionally, I did not create them.

This another example of electronic harassment. Sometime before I left Oakland Park, I noticed my LG G5 did not look the same, there was a chip on the camera and there was a plastic protective sticker on the bezel that held the internal battery. It was not the same phone.

I does not take a rocket scientist to realize I cannot be in two different locations in Florida at the same time. I have not been to since 2011, when I went on a cruise to Cozumel with my family.

Sunday, November 25th, 2018
Recent Contact by Christine Fowler, the person who was described in Jason's Case as the person who called the police after finding Jason Dead

Login from Tampa

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 4:00am
Just noticed someone logged into my facebook from Jacksonville, FL. Actually there are several logins from Jacksonville, but this was 8 Hours ago

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 4:00am
Copy of the letter I sent to Rosenberg and Glasser, PA
Included with the letter is a copy of the text messages sent to Steven Smith, who I thought was Jefferey Jenkins for obvious reasons, a copy of the probable cause affidavit from the FLPD and most importantly the copy of the statement Smith made on October 1st to the Boca Police Department, which I was completely unaware of until July 28th, 2018.

Previous Facebook messages from Ms. Fowler (or Cynthia)

Receipt for Postage to Rosenberg and Glasser, PA

Package Delivery Conformation (this is for FLPD more so than for Rosenberg and Glasser)

After all of this, I wish Police Departments could be more like Fire Departments. Have you ever in your life heard of a Fireman saying, oops, I burned down someone's home by accident, or oops I burned down a Walmart, or oops, I burned a little boy with a toy gun in Cleveland? I have never in my life heard of a single human being who was afraid of the Fire Department. Maybe Police Departments could learn something from Firemen. Maybe??

My personal opinion is the people responsible for all of this harassment are downstairs in old Internal Affairs department at the FLPD.

Thursday, December 20th, 2018
Last night's conversation after 3 or 4am, was about Ken Jenne and Scott Rothstein, finding the keys to open the windows of the "whirlybird", where everyone hides their garbage and 2007, the gang rape. The only link to me is Jeffery Jenkins. I want of of this damned equipment.

What does it mean? Michael's "Registered" or "Registers" in Kissimmee, FL??? What does it mean to be "Pixelated" out? From what I saw in 2013, it was the perpetrator not me.

Who the hell is Jennifer and why in God's name is it so impossible to show me what happened? Half of it I've already seen and can describe in detail, by the same method through which I'm told about last night's conversation. I know how it works and it isn't rocket science. It is very disgusting, but your some very perverted humans. This has been non stop for ten damn years ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Domestic Terrorists all to protect one piece of shit Special Agent...chuck his ass out the damn door, over the rail...He's trash, dump his ass.

Michael Osburn
214 E Drury Ave Apt B
Kissimmee, FL 34744

New Number: After several hours and many visits, my original number could not be ported over for some reason. Today I spent 2.5 hours at the T-Mobile Store. They worked diligently to resolve my problem, however, I had to choose a new number: (321) 877-5211

Email: ostralis@live.com